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About us

Bartar industrial company

Bartar industrial company with more than 30 years of management experience in the field of food and canned products required us to establish the above company in 1390to use the best domestic and foreign raw materials and modern equipment we offer high quality products to you dear consumer.
With the efforts of the research and development group and after specialized studies and the needs of the market and the taste of the people of iran in order to produce a completely hygienic product and in accordance with international standards and the province’s food supervision office we produced products that are stylish in term of quality variety of products and stylish packaging

Bartar industrial company
Bartar industrial company has one of the most equipped quality control laboratories in the field of food industry and with the help of its research and development unit and cooperation with experts active in the food industry continuously to improve the quality of its products and offer and produce new food products are active in the country 
The main policy of bartar industrial company is to observe the principle of customer orientation and respect their opinions.
The company with strong support and existing potential improving the quality and diversification of products is the top priority of our activities in this way always for suggestions and recommendations of esteemed customers who are considered as a partner of the collection has a special place.
We are still on the path of production with will.